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A German group has devised a “smell-phone” (er, cellphone) that can send smells along with your messages. Apparently, there is going to be a tiny chip within each phone that will have more than 100 scents which you can choose from. Research on this technology has been underway since 8 whole years and the geeks think they can release the technology by 2010.

That sets me off to do some mental imagery of my own. You know, gotta prepare meeself just in case this thing really sees light of day ? For starters, it is going to be so easy to get back at someone I despise. I might just mislead them by sending a message which reads, “You are an angel”. And when the prey presses the read button on the phone, he/she will be bombarded by the smell of dog turd. Ouch. There could be retribution in other areas of life as well. For example, it happens to be one of those days when I have had a fight with hubby and am not in the mood to reconcile – I might just send him a message which reads, “I am at the beach and I don’t miss you”, along with the scent of ocean breeze. Tch, tch evil woman.

Well, blow me down, I has got yet another idea! Wishing someone on a joyous event can be so much more genuine – I could just send them a lovely floral fragrance with my congratulatory message. Yes I can be pleasant too! Or I could cover up my absence at a boring family rendezvous by messaging the host with a whiff from my daily deodorant. They won’t miss me all that much then. And I can miss all those pesky questions alluding to why I don’t do something productive with my life.

Well, needless to say, during all situations of vengeance messaging I run into the huge risk of being reciprocated on similar or worse terms. But who cares – I atleast have the consolation of having got there first! And the possibilities are just limitless.

‘Tis indeed time to wake up and smell the roses.


Written by Kanchana

May 28, 2008 at 2:18 pm

Posted in Humor

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  1. I think the idea on its own is cute and innovative. I already see a good market for it including some of the scenarios that you have so humorously described. The cellphone is already glued to the ears and fingers of many. It is now the turn of the nose to latch on, I guess. Soon we will have phones embedded inside our heads. I can already see some hands going up asking when do I get that?


    June 1, 2008 at 2:39 am

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