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Isn’t it a wonder

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Ever noticed ?

  • That the chances of a vegetarian restaurant being named “The Fish Palace”, are perhaps one in a million ?
  • That problems seem very workable after you have had a delicious, sumptuous meal ?
  • That people invariably and blatantly peek into neighboring vehicles (esp autos) while waiting at a signal ?
  • That fusion music albums always have songs with the most unsuitable names. Chew this – “Skywatching”, “Tabletop Dancer” are songs from the very enjoyable fusion album “Bravado Masala”, but have nothing do with either star-gazing, or ummm…you know…
  • That there are still people in this world who have jobs that are of no apparent utility to the society that they live in ? For example, ever wondered who thought of building those huge, high and useless “gates” that are so frequently seen in Bangalore – the ones named after prominent celebrities like Sir M Vishveshwaraiah, Dr. Rajkumar etc ? Imagine, like someone actually got up one fine morning with a brilliant idea, gathered his trusted lieutenants and said “C’mon boys, let us go build this towering arch-like gate next to xxx traffic junction and dedicate it to yyy”.
  • That once you have stepped onto 30 (years of age), a) smiling becomes a forced necessity b) there are always a million different things you aspire to do, but can’t seem to start on any of them. c) your most likely answer to the question “What do you consider your most precious asset” is “TIME!”

Oh well, that reminds me – I am running pretty frugal with my most precious asset these days – oops let out my age, didn’t I ? Surprise, I am smiling! And now I am off to do some real work.


Written by Kanchana

July 28, 2008 at 7:40 am

Posted in Just Like That

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  1. Superb. Could easily relate to so many of those except for the 30 part since I have a long way to get there 🙂 It is amazing that you have such good observant skills. Please do post regularly – enjoy reading your writing.


    July 28, 2008 at 7:58 am

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