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While the Sri Rama Sene activists are still enjoying their five minutes of fame, I was just tempted to add my two cents to all the discussion that’s been going on, and on, and on… Last week, I came upon this news item from the Times of India on what Pramod Muthalik had to say to Mrs Renuka Chowdhury’s verbal emesis regarding his V day ultimatum :

” Being a bachelor does not mean that I do not know anything about love. I am born in a cultured family. I love my parents, sisters and brothers. I welcome her to Bangalore on February 14, as she intends to come here.” 

Ummm… Mrs. Chowdhury’s comments on his bachelorhood and consequent ignorance of some matters of the heart seems to have really dug into the gentleman’s self-esteem. Though I think Mrs.Chowdhury is going so ballistic with this one that she often gives the impression of an offended school bully, I thank her for the amusement that she has provided me with her statements on otherwise routine mornings.

And I am totally amused by the fact that of all the statements that the Hon’ble Minister has made against the Muthalik man, the one that he chose to reply to seems to be so strongly connected with his sense of self. I mean, what are the odds that a happily married man with say, seven children, would organize an army of uncouth and presumably jobless youth into revolting against PDA ? Funny huh ?

Though I possess no great affection for the mathematical angles of probablity that this previous question may invoke, my feminine intuition goads me to say “Absolutely nought”. And this next statement on the news piece left me in greater splits than the entire explanation of righteousness given by Mr. Muthalik :

However, he did not comment on whether he would accept a rose given by Renuka with sisterly affection, if she were to.

Now, nobody confirmed with Mrs. Chowdhury first, but I guess the joke was lost on this magnanimous man. If she would indeed like to experience what it feels like to have an absurdly protective brother who roams around town ready to marry his sister off to the first guy that he spots her with on Valentine’s Day, I daresay she will find no other man like Mr Muthalik. Ever.


Written by Kanchana

February 11, 2009 at 11:27 am

Posted in Humor, Life in General

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