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Toys from trash

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Though we Indians have recycling built into our blood, there are so many simple and meaningful ways to recycle that can SO escape our eyes – especially mine.

Proof. I just stumbled on this small-but-amazing Indian project called “Toys from Trash” which so beautifully details how you can use household trash to create toys for children. Something that we were so accustomed with during our own childhood due to the rarity of branded toys, but something that I have so totally forgotten to introduce my own son to.

Just look inside this site and you will see that the range of imagination is enormous – you can make LEDs glow by rigging up a circuitry with potato (!), build a “balloon helicopter” that actually flies, or work a cool little trick with some strands of wool and a matchbox. Browsing through this site brought back my own childhood memories – of how a group of us friends would gather discarded “Liv 52” bottles, string them together across the length with a gaint needle and thread (“borrowed” from my mother’s precious sewing kit that I never had official access to), and pretend that it was a train that would take us along to undiscovered lands. What fun that was! More than a million “Fischer Price” or “Funskool” toys could ever give, for it was built with pairs of grubby little hands always looking to create something new. 

I am rekindled. Though Chikoo is going to get his fair share of toys-on-the-shelf (well, what choice do “modern” parents have?), we will surely teach him to build a few of his own. And witness simple pleasures again.

Written by Kanchana

February 12, 2009 at 11:29 am

Posted in Life in General

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