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“Go Green!” screams the envelope containing my credit card statement from a prominent Indian bank, all in honest leafy green to highlight the urgency of the situation. Or so it seems. Until I take a closer look. Okay, lemme explain.

Feeling somewhat elated at my choice of an environment friendly bank (for I am a lover of all causes that support Nature), I tear open the envelope to extract the statement that lies inside. Out comes a sheaf of papers – first a neatly folded two page printed booklet, which, being the only legitimate member of its family, conveys to me the amount I owe to the bank in less than a tenth of  A4 space allotted. The rest of the area in the booklet is usurped by the bank’s “offers” in a blatantly exaggerated typeface, and promise to somehow make my life better in ways that I could never imagine, given my insufficient business acumen. Life insurance, accident insurance, phone banking, internet banking, home loan, you name it.

Then there are more sheets of glossy, printed paper containing color photographs of electronics, home products and jewellery; their prices in boldly quoted monthly EMIs. It makes me momentarily euphoric, for it seems like the bank may have finally placed my account balance on the better side of a national lottery, if they think that I might be able to afford the highly over-priced items on sale. But then, this is only the credit card division. And it is perhaps their job to see that you have no bank(able) balance in the long run. So I toss out all the excesses into the bin, while retaining only the paper that details my card expenses.

Then again, as I see the words “Go Green” staring dolefully at me from the bin, I sheepishly fish out the papers and place them on the bundle that has to be handed over to the local “recycling man” or “raddiwalla”, feeling a tad less guilty once I am done. Oh well, I am no saint. I am only doing just what the bank ordered.

Written by Kanchana

June 6, 2009 at 8:26 pm

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  1. You have raised a relevant point. Most corporates do nothing more than lip service regarding their commitment to the environment. Right now, it is cool to be green and hence you see everyone falling over to get onto that bandwagon in whatever way they can. The result is the contradiction you experienced. I hope the future sees some real action and less of pomp and show. The earth deserves that much at least.


    June 10, 2009 at 3:51 pm

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